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When I was a kid someone bought me a micro-machine's military base (pictured below) and this was probably one of my favourite toys, I'm sure I don't have this any longer now but I also collected the various tanks, planes and soldiers to go with it, it's probably the reason why I like C&C Renegade so much, it get's that nice balance between an arcade soldier game, whilst having bases and not being ultra realistic like something like Call of Duty. It reminds me of the river that was originally in Crash Site felt quite like this and I'm sad this was removed really, although Nod seemed to have a field day in having places to place beacons.

I hope we get a map with a destructible bridge at some point, that can perhaps be blown up and re-repaired like Tiberian Sun and making it a high win / high risk scenario for either team - a valuable way of taking out a rush column or making it to a base entrance not covered so well by an automatic base defence—a modified version of Cliff Side really.

Feel free to post nostalgic toys and other things that influence your game preferences or things you'd enjoy seeing in Ren, even if it won't get made.



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