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GameMode+ [Cooperative]


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Wouldn't call this any official thing, but I've been starting to work on a small project called 'Cooperative Mode'. I did not base this from any of Ren's mods or anything. Instead, I base this more on Unreal Tournament's Assault mode - a gametype in UT where your objective is to complete a set of tasks in limited time.


The type is simple, all players will spawn on same team and has to work together to complete several different objectives (mostly in sequence). Opposing them and assisting them will be a set of predetermined NPC soldiers, fully customizable by mappers. Players will be able to buy classes and vehicles like normal, except for the latter, instead of coming out of buildings, they will come from methods already determined by mapper. The PT themselves won't be in buildings as well unless the map says so. Players can fail the mission and has the chance to restart the map to start over, or change map.


The following video(s) are a WIP progress and does not reflect the final form.

Scorpion Hunter Alpha test (special thanks to Nexus for the map)


- Pickup objective
- Starting only as a base infantry
- Enemies dropping weapons (to tie in with above
- Character limit
- Building reclamation/capture

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