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Diminishing returns for multiple repair guns healing same target


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I would like to propose the idea of reducing the power of repair guns aimed on same target beyond a certain number, something like repair power of 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1 so with 4 adv. engi the total reps would be 14 instead of 16, with 8 it would be only be 20 instead of 32.

I find repairing buildings during a siege to be an unfun yet necessary mechanic and without major changes to the game it needs to stay. I believe this change would encourage a more active play style especially later in a match when some players choose to afk repair instead of play. Once a team is reduced to a single building often a game can stagnate with one team stuck playing defense unable to leave their own base alive and with very limited options yet this state can last upwards of 15 minutes with a low chance of anything being accomplished. Personally I find these moments as some of the lowest points in Renegade X and extremely frustrating, I believe even a small change to try and reduce or shorten these situations should be encouraged. Additionally it's worth noting that this change would also make it harder to disarm a beacon found at the last second with a mass of engis, I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing but it's worth considering.


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>upwards to 15 minutes
my dude, have you ever played 2+ hour stalemate?

Also, I would argue that there are two game mechanics in current Renegade X that vastly improve the situation compared to early RenX builds or oldRen:
- veterency
- building permadamage
The fact that building can not be healed back to full health once it recieved permanent damage helps a lot with shortening matches
And veterancy is the mechanic that is supposed to resolve the issue with "too many repairs", since decently ranked up team can easily melt buildings that have many heals on them. And well used commander buffs can make things even easier.

So tl;dr: tools to solve the issue that you are describing are already provided. How your team will use them, that is another issue.

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In my opinion, I think this would discourage team work, and therefore is probably something we don't need. 

I've been in matches where there is one Mammy left and that's heroic, the team keeps it alive for defense, and the rest of the team won via tunnel rushes. Some of the best games end up being those that your team makes a comeback.

Without digressing too much, if you can get a team that cooperates that much by having that many players repair a single unit or structure, then I don't think they should be penalised.

On the flip side, if one team is investing that many players to repair one unit at that location and time, it means that other areas of the map/base will be empty and left for the opposition to exploit. 

Which I think takes care of itself.

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