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Alternative Game Modes


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Just ideas for alternative game modes beyond C&C mode.

Battle Mode (team deathmatch) - no buildings, limited amount of starting vehicles or more via air drops, more open map designs, portable terminal block unit for selecting items and possibly limited times you can respawn and fixed silo credits. Last team standing wins. Quicker rounds.

Capture the Flag - capture an enemy team's artefact (or flag), return it to your base to win, either once, or several times etc depending on how hard easy it is. Kill the person with the stolen item and recover it to instantly return it to your base. Turn off building destruction. I think this is probably the easiest new mode to implement and would be popular and receive more interest than just an infantry only team deathmatch.

Team co-op challenge, Base Defense/Tower Defence - just like in the strategy games, an ever-increasing amount of enemy computer-controlled units spawn getting progressively stronger and more and more appearing after a certain time limit expires. Hold out against the last wave to win; or lose when they overrun and destroy your base. Defeat the early waves for earning distributable team credits to buy more powerful characters or tanks.

Objective maps - defend the village/town/dam etc. Could be combined into Tower Defence game-mode above. Prevent too many civilian buildings being destroyed or too many dam nodes from being destroyed. A bit like the defend Dr Mobious in Tiberian Dawn missions. Defend your team's train or escort a special convoy a little similar to Overwatch I suppose.

Missile Silo - capture and hold 2 or 3 locations on a map to launch an ICBM missile that totally wipes out the enemy base. Similar to EAs latest mobile game, but adapted to fit Renegade X. Add something like a military laptop that you capture or activate at each location.

Special Weapons - allow a team to each capture a Tech Centre or retrieve sets of guarded plans during mid to late game and allow the team to construct something very powerful like the Marv or Redeemer seen in Kane's Wrath or something similar. 

Could either include special new maps, modified existing maps or simply different games rules to suit the game mode if people are willing and prepared to create new content.

Feel free to add other ideas onto this thread or expand on an existing one, particularly if it's realistic and feasible to be created by the existing team and resources. A lot of these ideas come from the original strategy games and capture the flag is the one that's been used in many other games.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Okay so lemme address a few of these :

- Battle Mode (team deathmatch) : I think this is already in the game, except that it is made so that you respawn as completely random class, with the physics tweaked by a large margin.

- Team co-op challenge, Base Defense/Tower Defence/ Objective maps   : This was kinda what I was trying to do in spare time, but unfortunately the Scripted bots do not want to cooperate that well. Perhaps this is something I can look on once the current bot is self sustaining

I kinda see this more as a co-op thing tho. It's rather hard to do a UT Assault stuff in RenX atm.


Atm though, I'd rather deal with the base game first. Once I have some time, maybe I'll look into some of these ideas.

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Thanks for passing comment. I'm no fan of inf only games in Renegade, which is why I've not suggested it, but I'm aware of the Deck map. I was thinking team versus team without any sort of base destruction. CTF I see as the easiest to create and most viable new game mode without necessarily needing new maps, re-thinking everything or having to create loads of new assets, although I wouldn't mind of course if this did happen. I don't know much about the AI bots, but only hope they can improve. I'll wait to see what post Summer brings for any new updates or patches for the existing game.

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