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Server Balancing


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With regards to the issue of accommodating the correct number of players on a server.

It seems to be the result of coordinating three factors: maps being of varying sizes designed for different player counts, unpredictability of the results of the voting system, and player count fluctuating marginally from one match to the next. This is an issue that could be resolved automatically through a server balancing system, in one of either of two ways.

Number based

Only include certain maps in the rotation depending on the number of players in the server. For example, if there are more than 44 then only the large maps are run, if below 40 then all the other maps, and if between 40 and 44 then all maps are available.

Vote based

The second is slightly more convoluted but would leave the choice of map entirely with the players. If a small map is chosen and the number of players exceeds 40, then 40 random players will be selected and the remainder are presented with three options (for example in the form of a pop up explaining the maximum number of players has been reached for this map and an interactive menu)

-Join Next Server
-Return to Lobby

The join next server option would instantly redirect players to the second most populated server from a designated list of alternatives. The benefit to this is that "excess" users don't wander off attempting to reorganize or leave in frustration.

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I think it's a bit restrictive personally, though not too far off from what the folks had in mind. I do understand that some folks just choose small maps when it's barely supporting.

If I wanna throw idea, I think the best idea is to slightly change the map list in the voting menu. Slightly like what we have now, but with a section that says "RECOMMENDED" and they're always pinned on the top (with green text). The map that is 'Recommended' will always correspond to the player numbers while the rest are on the bottom, selectable but slightly grayed out. Bonus if the one with too far off player number recommendation are in their own section or has red text on them, indicating that they're discouraged to be selected.

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