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Red Alert Renegade, challenges and proposals


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So many of us are fans of both Tiberium and Red Alert story lines. There has even been a mod of Renegade that takes place in the Red Alert story-line (A path too far). But looking at the Red Alert units from old I can see a few, obstacles besides the coding and models needed to make it a reality. I'd figure I start a more recent dialogue as I am certain that a Red Alert mod has already been discussed before. So not in any particular order here is what I can see.

  • No fast vehicles for the soviets. Now this might not seem like a problem and for the RTS it isn't as Soviet faction style is powerful grinding tanks. But in an FPS especially with everyone being a building destroying commando this can be a big issue.
    • Make a soviet military truck. That's it, something that looks like the MCV but instead of slow and unpacking into a CY it acts as a fast and light troop transport. Still slower than the Ranger but more health and can carry more passengers.
  • Allied defensive structures are basic The turret is the biggest thing the Allies have. We already have turrets and they are basic structures usually found in Nod bases. They are not the equivalent of an obelisk, AGT, or even a tesla coil. 
    • Add Prism Tower Network. This is not much different from the Tiberium Sun vehicles. I like the idea of Renegade being between the Dawn and Sun time periods. Why not make this game right after Stalin is killed (spoiler, he dies in both endings). The Prisim tower network could be the counterpart to the Tesla Towers the Soviets have for their defense.
  • Soviet K9 units. Nothing more needs to be said. The K9 was an important part of the soviet arsenal as they stop allied spies (and thieves but no one used them) from infiltrating the base. 
    • Now this is a difficult one, I don't have any problems playing as a Dog and just ruining around and jumping on every allied infantry I can find. Although I think a bot that gets refilled with a tier 2 class could be a better solution. The bot can detect stealth and spies so when the bot attacks a seemingly friendly unit you know it is a spy. 
  • No allied superweapon strike. So in multiplayer the big compromise was to give soviets commandos in exchange for nuclear silos. But nukes just are not a part of the allied arsenal.
    • Make an allied lightning strike beacon. You could say this was the precursor to the weather control machine. Instead of a base destroying storm it is just a single bolt of lightning that acts very much like the GDI Ion cannon.
  • Naval Units, the proverbial elephant in the war room. Tiberium never used naval units, as for Red Alert naval units were sort of the balancing factor. Soviets ruled the land, Allied ruled the seas.
    • Careful planing in map design Just like not every map had room for naval units not every map needs water structures. This can be a low priority and placed in later, just like with tiberium sun vehicles.
  • Non-strike superweapons aka the faction superpowers. The Cronospher and the Iron Curtain.
    • Make them items Put a time limit right after purchase. Now the difference is unlike the RTS where they only worked on vehicles, here they only work on infantry. We could make them a deployable item sort of like a beacon that after a few second countdown affects all vehicles. Something we have to try and see which is the easier method.

Well those are some ideas thrown out there. Do you see other issues needed to adapt the Red Alert line to Renegade?

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hi, i love to see a reskin of renegade x to red alert 1 era just for nostalgia and think it would be fun difference like the tiberian sun changes.

i'm no 3d designer (and as of writing this cant get a server to work) but if there is a program thats easy enough to understand i'd like to help make RA1-X happen.

going with what you said marinealver, i'm in similar mind, keeping it as allied fast but weaker, soviet strong but slower.

if going with RA1 and its addon stuff, got plenty to use as in rebalancing units.

defenses for allies - turret can be made slower firing but stronger against armour. pillox as an auto defence too with gatlings like the wolverine TS unit in RX.

defenses for soviet - going with the tesla tank that was made for RX just tweaked to a tesla coil. same with a nod flame tank made into a flame tower.

as for transports would say just give both sides an apc with 50 cal. and the chinook.

infantry wise they both for varied to use, as for tanya and a soviet commando (boris? maybe).

air support, longbow anti tank and hind anti infantry.

as for balance tho. if going with unit cap and the soviets could have as example 7 mammoths vs allied 7 medium tanks or chrono tank it woud be unfair so if a mammoth could be counted as 2 units for production in game think it would balance out.

thats the start of my thoughts anyways


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3 hours ago, Madkill40 said:

Allies had the "Atom Bomb" as well in Red Alert 1 ... Or was that only Skirmish? Can't remember exactly. 

So in Multiplayer/Skirmish they made some compromises to balance things out. Soviet's get to use Tanya and Allies had access to Nuke Silo.

Renegade X makes some concessions too, Guard Towers are the defacto anti-infantry defense that is found at many Nod bases, and there are plenty of maps that have Gold Turrets guarding GDI Bases. So secondary defenses are almost universal.

For super weapons I think the Allies could get a lightning strike beacon. Not exactly the Weather control device but fairly similar as it is a beacon that countdowns for a super weapon. I think the best time would be right after Stalin is killed (be it allied victory or soviet victory)

Much like how you could put Renegade X between Tiberium Dawn and Tiberium Sun.

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On 9/16/2019 at 3:26 PM, LordlyScarab said:

Playing renegade x with the factions and vehicles from red alert would be amazing. I really hope this happens. On a side note, I don't think anyone mentioned the empire of the rising sun here, and I think they'd be a really fun addition to renegade x as well. Just a thought

Right now if it comes to past the basic Soviets vs Allies are the best. Maybe some RA2 or RA3 to include EotRS units could be found in crates or augmented in tech structures. But I think it is best to keep it the classic rivals facing each other. We wouldn't want to play Soviets vs Nod now would we (okay that might be interesting but I would prefer GDI vs Soviets).

Coming up with another idea, maybe instead of a lightning strike weapon we could play with the Chrono Vortex and use that as a super weapon beacon. Instead of a nuke it just opens a rift in space time that zap stuff all around.

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