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Error when installing the game


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Everytime I attempt to install the game with the launcher, the download finishes but before I can get to the "Apply" step of the installation, I get this error message: "renegade x object reference not set to refrence" as well as a prompt to download U3redist, even  though I downloaded the redist the first time the error and prompt appeared.

28-49-2018 - 22-49-45-Application.zip

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@Retr0_Static just in case you missed my Discord comment -


https://renegade-x-download.com/ you'll find a FULL BUILD release here. it's NOT official and NOT supported by the RenX devs. community member iTweek offers it for anyone who has problems with using the official launcher
Here you can download Renegade-x as a full build or as parts or use the official launcher of Renegade-x. Renegade X is a free Tactical Shooter that brings the C&C FPS
you need to download & install the UE3 Redist to use the full build!
which you'll find on the RenX Download Site, posted by Agent
Renegade X
The Unreal Engine 3 redistributable is installed by the launcher at the end of the installation process. This file is made available in case of a corrupt dow...
it's not a fix for your problem, but at least you'll be able to play
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