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Renegade X on the CNCNZ Roundtable for July!


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Every month, the fine folks leading the C&C community sites hold a round-table discussion, hosted by CNCNZ. Questions are asked, and several people give their input on questions posed by the Round-table panel.

This month's roundtable discussion contains the opinions of these people:

* Saracen - CNCNZ.com Co-Webmaster

* Sonic - CNCNZ.com Webmaster

* Chickendippers - CNC World

* Banshee - Project Perfect Mod

* HeXetic - Planet CNC

* Blbpaws - CNC Generals World

* Mighty BOB! - CNC Source and Renegade X Public Relations

* Hagren - CNC-Files

On the last question of this specific discussion, a question is asked concerning your very own Renegade X:

The Unreal Tournament Total conversion, Renegade X has shown us a 2nd great looking trailer. What effect do you think this game will have on the community and more importantly on the older Renegade total conversions, ie. APB and Reborn?

Here is how they answered:

Saracen: Well I don't know about anyone else, but across every games community I am a part of, this is my mod for 2008 outright. It looks great, it's beautifully presented, and if this was actually a full game, the trailers alone would easily put most recent (professional) games marketing strategies to shame. I have to admit I'm looking forward to it, and as a result, I am hunting down a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 to play it. The problem right now this game has with the community is that people will have to do what I'm doing right now (unless they already have UT3). Although, since Tiberium is using the same engine, maybe it could be converted over, and then it'd be available to the masses! As for it's impact on the Renegade Total conversions? I wouldn't see Renegade X causing any conflicts, after all, all 3 will stand tall, and be different enough to appeal to everyone... So no complaints really!

Sonic: Renegade X has blown me away, everything they have shown us is just fantastic. I don't think Renegade X is can be considered competition for A Path Beyond or C&C Reborn though. But its good see lots of chatter about Renegade X around the community. But my question is, will there be enough to convince someone who has no interest in Unreal Tournament to buy that game just to play Renegade X?

Chickendippers: As I posted on their ModDB page, I will definitely buy UT3 just to play this mod, it looks incredible! I think RenX has the chance to re-light people's interest in Renegade and may be a boost to the mods mentioned. I can't see it having any detrimental effect.

Banshee: I must admit that I'm not enthusiastic about mods outside the Command & Conquer and Petroglyph Games scope. But the material they displayed so far looks interesting.

HeXetic: I think the people that still play Renegade mods will continue to play Renegade mods; it's still a hit for those that fell in love with it back in 2002, and it's also a pretty good-looking game if you've got an older graphics card. That said, I always find myself keeping at least two of the UTs installed (currently: 2K4 & UT3), and Ren-X is shaping up like it'll be a real "looker". I look forward to seeing its release.

Blbpaws: I know someone on the team for this, so I’ve been following it pretty closely. I’m definitely impressed with it. At this point, I’m sure they will draw attention away from the other Renegade mods. Of course, the beauty of modding is that the other mods, if their teams are willing and able, can always do some impressive things on their own. There’s no such thing as too many good mods, so I hope that’s the case here.

Mighty BOB!: RA: A Path Beyond and C&C Reborn (also Apocalypse Rising) have target audiences that are different enough from Renegade X's target audience that I believe Ren-X won't have a significant impact on the W3D engine conversions. All 3 feature gameplay that, while based on Renegade's C&C Mode, make them unique and stand out from C&C Renegade's original gameplay, which is what we at Ren-X are trying to capture, only on a more modern engine. Although as a side note those dedicated W3D programmers such as Tiberian Technologies have done an astonishing amount of things that were once thought to be impossible on W3D.

Hagren: Those who dig Renegade plus it's mods and have UT3 will love it, who wouldn't with these graphics? :P Imho it will attract those who see visuals as significant or those who like Renegade's gameplay, but the fanbases of APB and Reborn are going to remain loyal. Integrity is very common in CnC fans.[/b]

Thanks CNCNZ!

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