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I noticed there's a new map called, Tunnels. It keeps getting voted on for the next match but, whenever the switch starts, it takes the game back to the main menu and starts downloading the level. Can't a version of it just be added as part of the update? By the time the map's loading speed starts picking up, the game cancels the download stating that "connection to the server was lost" when in reality, the game just took so long to install the map that it timed out because the match on the said map was already over; moving the server onto the next match which just happens to be on a map that's already included with the game.

Any chance this could get fixed at some point? Because as of the past two updates, Tunnels has just served as a way of crowd control for full servers. I still don't have any idea as to what it looks like.

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I'm currently busy sending out work applications. In addition, I don't have access to some of the source code I had written for this due to a possible SSD failure (I haven't gotten around to figuring out if the SSD is actually dead, or if the motherboard is the issue).

I'll work on it when I work on it.

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