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RenX stuck on loading screen


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Everytime I launch renegade X, then it gets stuck at the loading screen.
I did try this:


PROBLEM: Launching invokes "BUILT WITH UDK ERROR", what with "send error report" and windows and junk:

SOLUTION 1: Go to "Renegade X \ UDKGame \ Config \ DefaultSystemSettings.ini". Open in Notepad or such. Press Ctrl-F to find, and find "bAllowD3D9MSAA". If it's set to True, make it False, or vice versa. SAVE, then close. Then, delete "UDKSystemsettings.ini" from the same folder, forcing UDK to build a default new one on launch. Start the game and check to see if it still crashes with "BUILT WITH UDK ERROR".

It still gets stuck & when I close it from the task manager, then it says "BUILD WITH UDK doesn't respond"

I'm running Win7 64-bit

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