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Custom Maps Crashing Servers [NOT TRUE]


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Custom maps DO NOT crash the servers.

BlackMamba and Other people who continue to preach that Custom Maps crash the servers are wrong with this ignorant hate-mongering towards new custom maps and this is actually hurting custom maps due to this stupid lying wrong'ness. [People demonizing custom maps will suffer]

Recent server crashes have been caused by repair gun alt-fire due to a weird bug in the code.

Just to clarify there is a one-time-only issue with custom maps at the moment; which is if it is your first time loading into a custom map whilst on the server you will time out, simply rejoin the server and you will never have this problem again when the server loads into that map.

The first time you load a new map or an updated map Renegade-X will take an extra bit of time to load the map, this is also a one-time-only instance. 

Spread the word! Custom maps are safe.

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The server also has to go through the process the first time it loads a custom map. 

Meaning if it is the first time that particular server has ran the custom map, then it needs to build shaders and other related things to play the map, which can also lead to a longer loading time. But this is still a one time event, and not the server "Crashing".

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