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Player Host Kill Missions


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IRC Bot speaks as Host and hands out a mini-mission if you will by telling a player to attack the player who last "Proximity Mine disarmed", If the IRC Bot reads "Player3246 killed Player1337" then Player3246 gets 300 credits, if Bot reads "Player3246 has been killed" then your mission is a failure.


This could be done in other ways but kill missions first, it could also be made possible to have revenge kills.

If you say you don't hold revenge against a sniper then you are a sniper, you son of a bitch.

Just saying, sniper with 3000 credits on his/her head after 6 to 7 kills makes them worth being hunted, this gives players something to do.

Example aside, Revenge Kills and Proximity Mine Disarmed should be the base of kill missions. 



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