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keep bots after mapchange and changing bot names?


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Hey there my name is Chris and first i want to say

that this game is absolutely great and the devs make a great job :)

Please keep on it :D

My questions...

Is it possible to keep the bots after a mapchange on a map?

After every mapchange i have to relogin as administrator

that i can make the admin addbots command ...

And is there maybe a way to change the names of the bots?

Regards Chris

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1: if you use a bat file to open the server you can add a optional statement to start with bots I think it is something like ?initialbots=10

2: You can find the bot names in the configs of the server. Try looking at the UDK configs and it should list the bot names in one of them.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

a really getto way of doing it is to use irc ... use a highlight to search map changers "CNC-Whiteout loaded" and have it respond with the add bots command

or make a custom script to do the same thing within irc

script would be 1000% better as it could determine who / what said "CNC-mapname loaded"

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The solution freak mentioned should work, which would add the configured bot counts on match start. That's also how the Skirmish menu adds bots to the match. The skirmish menu also tacks on the following value, though I suspect it's currently unused.

"?Numplay=" $ (SelectedMap.GDIBotValue + SelectedMap.NodBotValue)

Example: ?Numplay=6?GDIBotCount=3?NodBotCount=3

@kenz: There's already a bot-side plugin that regulates bots, though to be frank I haven't tested to see if it still works. It's perfectly possible that it may have broken with the recent RCON updates (but would be easily fixable). The plugin's named "RenX.MinPlayers", and what it actually does is regulates the bot count to enforce a minimum number of "players" (bots + humans). This means that as players join bots get naturally be phased out, and as players leave bots gradually get added. It's imperfect though.

Honestly though if you're just setting up a small server (i.e: a LAN server), it's not really worth the hassle to setup an administration bot for just one plugin.

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