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Didnt test everything (ofc), mainly cause of my first note!


The Skirmish timer is 4.30 / 5 min, or maybe that's my game settings?

Lights and map looks amazing

I am curious how this will play with 'two bases' for each faction and a lot of ways to infiltrate

I like the PP maintenance shaft cause it also has a real purpose (infiltrating)

Also nice the WF gun emplacement

Destroying the defence turrets can be best done by standing under them + timed

Water isn't reachable at many places cause invisible walls. Is this on purpose? Maybe you should add a speedboat? :P

I've said this about several maps before (Crashsite for example and Fort) and while those maps amaze me cause of the design (Crashsite) and the features (Fort) I think your map is at least as interesting as those, or maybe even more interesting.

Tip for everyone, go check it out!


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UPDATED 09/08/2016

- Terrain Adjustments

- Middle 'Island' adjusted to block exploits

- Sorted side rope bridge collisions

- Included more spotting volumes

- Team specific endgame cam fixed

- Added collision to palm trees

- Found those missing textures

- Adjusted tiberium in cave

- Moved some volcano rocks

- Changed volcano Smoke

- Added occasional volcano rumble

- Added various vehicle blocking volumes

- Improved Mammoth MK. II Ladders

- Raised Nod Towers

- Fixed lighting on lockers

- Repositioned tiberium weapon centers

- Removed broken purchase terminals

- Communications Center now correctly activates tunnel terminals

- Added Door to Security Offices

- Installed Security Office Alarm System

- Improved CCTV Camera controls

- Layout of maintenance tunnels changed so it's much easier to defend

- Added Kane Hologram to Temple of Nod

- Added Light inside Weapons Factory

- Added Auto Defense Flame Thrower Tower in Maintenance

- Fixed ceiling turrets

- Ceiling turrets removed until a fix is found

- Various Optimizations

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