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This option for Youtubers or SS


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You could always set one key to "togglescreenshotmode" and then set another to "ghost"

Also make sure you are in 1st Person Mode when you do togglescreenshotmode and you may have to press it a few times but with that and ghost you will be able to float around and in and out of the map with no HUD and act like a flying camera man, also recommend trying out "slomo 10" this will speed the game up alot and allow you to fly around in ghost mode alot quicker and once in postion change game back to "slomo 1" for normal speed. Last thing you can try is "slomo 0.1" try that in the middle of a massive tank or player battle with no HUD and gives awesome slow motion effect.

Need a hand just ask.

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What I did for the trailer for Snow is a bit complicated because you need to use the UDK and use some Kismet:

I made 4 camera's, each with it's own set route flying across the map.

I made 4 triggers inside the barracks (can be placed anywhere, but preferably somewhere where enemies won't kill you), 1 for each camera, when you touched the trigger you would see what the camera is seeing (much like the endgame camera after each round).

Also made controls to control the speed of the camera, the option to reset the speed, and to go into reverse.

It's a lot of work, but the camera is smooth, if I still have that version of the map I can make a screenshot of the Kismet or share the map with you if you like.

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