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Discussion about Surrendering and Map changes


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So i really only recently the past few months got back into this game. Since I started playing again I've noticed a trend where a lot of players will surrender or change the map immediately once they started losing. Just today we weren't even ten minutes into the map, gdi loses ONE building (refinery) and 30 seconds later the entire team surrenders. I mean they still had WF and barracks, they had plenty of credits built up. but they just immediately gave up without even attempting to come back. WIthout even trying to organize any rushes, or sneak attacks.. they just... gave up. Ive been in games where my team was broke, and was only down to the powerplant remaining, with the other team without any losses. we came together, donated creds, had a massive APC airdrop and wound up winning the entire game in one massive rush.

i mean dont get me wrong, there are times when stalemates happen, especially in a marathon server and despite several attempts at rushes okay, yeah, its time to change the map. but this whole giving up thing without even trying is really irritating to me. please tell me im not the only one that feels this way?

anyway i'm not sure what a good solution would be as there are times when its appropriate to surrender... It just seems that it's a feature that is becoming abused and having a negative impact on gameplay. Maybe if it required more people to vote yes, or perhaps a timer - like you cant just give up within 5 minutes of losing a building.

or heres a good idea.. what if when a vote passes it resets the game timer to 5 minutes. instead of just immediately switching maps. that way there's time for one last hurrah

I dont know. I'd like to hear if any of you have any thoughts about this

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The vote menu right now is pretty easy to miss when in the field doing things, and most map changes get through because not everybody pays attention to the vote going on.

Does it mean that a vote accounts abstentions as such?

To give a generic example: 10 players online, 5 "participating" in the vote, thereof 3 yes, 2 no => 60% yes, of 50% participation.

Would that yield a positive vote?

If that was the case change it to 50% of online players, hence counting abstention as a no...

Also for the surrender mechanic: how about allowing the "winning" team to accept or deny the surrender - sounds cruel, but could do the job, even as a preventive measure - after loosing 1 building the surrender is unlikely to be granted, whereas after stalemates both teams are happy with ending the game.

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  • Developer

The thing is "ChangeMap" is used in the situation you described, and surrender is a team only vote.

If a team believes they truly stand no chance of winning then Surrender is required, having surrenders be voted on by the winning team would negate the point of surrender, and likely lead to many of the losing team to quit rather than play it out.

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