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Simple questions regarding feedback


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Hi, I'm completly new to the forum community, although I've played quite some of this game so far and I intend to play much more. I would like to post a couple questions I couldn't manage to find satisfying answers to while browsing the forums.

1. Is the main goal of this community/mod to remake the multiplayer of Renegade as accurately as possible, or is the main goal building on and improving upon that?

While it seems that there is much openness for discussion and ideas, I'm still not sure how much the devs are willing to deviate from the original Renegade gameplay. Is it an acceptable act if one were to add/remove content from the game becouse it enhances/ruins the player experience? If so, in which form is it preffered, in forms of maps, gamemodes, addition expansions etc.?

2. How much does my feedback actually mean?

While I still have much to learn about the game, I feel like I could already contribute much feedback from my current game experience. Ofcourse, before posting anything, I would make sure I know everything there is to know about the subject (like certain weapon damage, costs of infintry, vehicles etc., also previous changes and rebalances). What I'm concerned, however, is that I'd go off, make a long post paragraph after paragraph of explanations and reasoning behind my arguments, only to be ignored. I hate to waste time and if my long explanations and theory is just going to be ignored, I'd rather know in advance. Also, if there are certain topics where you'd want/not want me to give feedback on, I'd be glad to hear it (for example: you'd like to hear a new player experience feedback, but you have plenty of vehicle balance feedback).

I would very much like to contribute to this game with my feedback (possibly learn about engine and code in the future), yet I understand there are limits to what one can do, without being just an annoyance. That's why I'd like to get these questions answered, so that I may "know my place" and what I can expect to achieve with my discussions and suggestions.

As for my history with C&C, it's basically been the series that introduced gaming for me (mostly the RA series early on) and this is definetly one of the coolest mods/games I've played. So at the very least, I'd like to say awesome work to everyone who made this possible.

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hey dogma,

and welcome to the forums!

Generally, I presume, any feedback is welcome - especially in your case as a new player (yet a veteran to the franchise), you seem to be willing to provide constructive and informed feedback, rather than rants and hate.

Of course, I cannot guarantee how much attention from the Devs' side you will get - the core developers are currently handing their work over to the community, so I would guess that you should not expect to see great gameplay changes in the next patch or so.

Yet, for that very reason some "first impression" feedback of yours could be utterly helpful - in particular because the recent endeavour to expand the playerbase will crucially rely upon the reception of the game in its current state by new players!

Just give it a go! ;)

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1. Currently the goal is to build up upon Westwood's C&C mode to make the game more progressive and interesting

2. Devs come here often and read what people write. You can suggest various things, but I recommend keeping things simple as development is slow. Stuff like, "Add more tiberian sun vehicles", or "Remake the campaign" isn't going to happen anytime soon, if at all.

Even then you can still say whatever's on your mind. j0g32 often makes super long posts about different ideas that are unlikely to be developed, but are still interesting to read and may contain bits here and there that devs may like.

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You can always post feedback/ideas in the forums. Most of the time you will get an answer.

But yeah, development is slow at the moment. I'm just a simple launcher dev (Not the core game mechanics), so anything related to the launcher is my part of the cake ;p

Anyways, welcome to the forums. Enjoy! (Feedback on custom maps is something that is always appreciated!)

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