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C&C look alike ?


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Played it, like the art style a lot. It's simplistic but still has a lot of personality

Didn't like how easily the harvester rolls over tons of infantry. And the base entrances are bottlenecks so it requires a lot of managing to make sure your infantry doesn't get run over, especially when the enemy has multiple harvesters.

The AI was also pretty challenging to me even on the easiest setting. I do recommend the game, it's pretty fun! But I personally still prefer C&C 3 and Age Of Empires 2 over this.

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Finished the game, in the Renegade campaign Kain is the main villain. Also at some point you had to defeat Seth :D This is not just a look alike, this is true C&C experience with all the TD buildings, vehicles and superweapos.

I highly recommend you this game guys.

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