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Well, I can host a server successfully - shows up in both browsers but no one can join...nor can I

I followed this guide viewtopic.php?f=119&t=71916

Also got some input from YagiHige-Sama, he tried hosting the server and it worked

Not sure what the problem is, Yagi came up with Firewall, but with no reasons why

Any Help will be grateful, thx

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I did try hosting the server, and it did work. I may have only connected to it via console command "Open 192.168.0.xxx", but I did it. Was hell on my toaster-computer. I also did see what looked like a really dim minimap in the corner, seemed "off", too far "left" and too "small", but I could clearly see "blue tiberium" on the minimap generally where it was located on land.

I don't know why you can't join. My firewall is open (not that it matters locally). If you want later, I will allow you connection through Hamachi, acting as LAN, to try to join using "Open 192.168.0.XXX" yourself.

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Hi there,

Im new here, but playing Renegade X for a while in skirmish. But I want to play it on LAN or WWW with friends creating my own server.

Unfortunately I cannot host or join a server either.

I looked through the forum, but didn't find a solution for my problem.

I found out how to change the ini to change server name and starting options.

But after starting the server, it is shown in the launcher, but I cannot join it nor is it visible ingame.

Trying to join the server, the launcher crashes. Trying to join the server ingame with "join IP" doesnt do anything :(

Other servers work properly

Can somebody tell me what Im doing wrong?



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I know if you want to join your own server to test it you will need to join via IP address ingame and use your "Local" IP, for others to join obviously you will need them to use your "External" IP.

When I need to make a server I logon to my router and just find the option to DMZ my PC which will open all ports for a short time never had any issues at all, also as Freak said you could search for your router model online and then find a guide on how to port forward port 7777:


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I just deactivated my wlan connection and tried it again, getting the info i should connect to, which indeed works properly with joining IP through the launcher, as well as ingame.

Activating internet connection and disabling the firewall unfortunately didn't work. Launcher still crashes, when trying to join or doesn't react on Join IP (game starts, but halts in the main menu).

edit: something strange just happened. I still cannot join with "join server" (probably because it's my own server and it cannot connect with the external IP). But suddenly I can join the game with Join IP (internal IP). The game starts AND immediately joins the game.

I do not have an extra computer to test the lan and internet functionality, but at least thats a first success.

A bit strange because everything is still as it was before, except for the update this morning ^^

PS: hmm, why does it say for almost every command "command not recognized" ("addbots 10" for example)

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  • Developer

PS: hmm, why does it say for almost every command "command not recognized" ("addbots 10" for example)[/i]

Once you are logged in as an Administrator on the server, you need to use the command:

Adminrcon addbots 10 (Server version 5.16)

Admin addbots 10 (Server Version 5.2+)

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Ahh, it doesn't say that in the preview when typing into the console.

Thx for the help, it worked. I think now I can try that soon with another computer now at least I got connection to my own server :)

Thanks for your quick help. The game is just amazing and Im really looking forward for the final version coming soon - and now the first LAN game :)

PS: Can somebody tell me if one can see my server, which is on right now?


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Glad it's working for you, and if you can see your own server on the Launcher then other players will be able to see it no problem especially with today's patch just being released should have fixed a few launcher and server issues.

If you need anyone to try join and test it just send me over a PM on the forum and I can try for you.

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