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You CAN edit the bind vehicle key!!! :D


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So I tried this before in a different config file but it had no effect, but I was bored and took another look around. Turns out there is a different config file that does work! Minor annoyance: This reset all my other controls when I did it, but that's an easy fix.

You can also change the key to change firing mode, only use with Patch for his grenade I think. Its two line above the lock vehicle key.

1)Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\UDKGame\Config (Use your brain if your game is installed in a different place.)

2)Open the file "DefaultInput"

3)Crtl+F and find the line .Bindings=(Name="B",Command="GBA_ToggleVehicleLocking")

4)Change the character in the quotes to whatever you want, can be tricky for things other then standard letters.



Can someone remind me what the default bind vehicle key is? I changed mine and forget what the default is...

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