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UDK.exe-Application Error


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I was guessing "Program Files x86" in Win10 was causing it's usual series of permissions errors, suggested installing to C: rather than Program Files.

If that doesn't work, this crash is a little weird. The logs suggest a pretty updated computer. Sure your graphics drivers are up to date? Sure you have the latest virtual C and junk (EDIT: And Kenz suggested .net framework in his link)? These are just ballpark answers, but I don't have very many other ideas unfortunately.

In my experience, if you can get any Unreal3 game to run, there is a good chance they all should. Then again, I had my own recent issues with Borderlands2 lately, so who knows.

EDIT: You and Kenz both had a separate thread recently. Know it was likely a bump, no harm no foul, but probably more tidy if I merge them above. I think Kenz' link is a pretty good approach, it is likely an external dependency that Microsoft commonly uses, a .net framework or a visual c or a directx.

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