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[Suggestion] Repair Gun Medic-Heal?

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Remember in Red Alert where the medic could do a quick jerk-off and heal a unit nearby for a portion of its health?

What if the engineers in both factions had an alternative-fire mode to specifically heal units in an area-of-effect for 15% of that unit's health?

A 4-second charge with a 30 second cooldown on this alternative heal ability. (If the cooldown is suggested to be reduced then it'll cost engineers their timed C4)

Additionally, the Hotwire and Technician have the same alternative ability but instead of 15%, it'd be 25%, however the area-of-effect would be the same size.

This AoE heal only applies to infantry.

What would this look like visually?

Similar to Mobius' charge ability really, just without the sparkling ball of death, allow me to explain:

The repair gun gradually shakes from slow to fast over the course of 4 seconds until the normal repair beam shoots out in multiple directions towards those within the AoE.

What about the targeting? Do teammates just huddle round the engineer?

Hell no! That'd look I Am Legend silly.

Instead! I suggest when the player holds down the right mouse button a green circle-shaped line appears before the engineer and it's up to the engineer to target this circle within the 4-second charge.

With this medic-AoE heal means the standard (LMB) repair beam would no longer 'repair' infantry, just Vehicles and buildings, this could also mean the (LMB) repair beam could phase through infantry which counters griefers from blocking your ability to repair Vehs/Buildings.

Go on then, what will be the maximum amount of goons that can get this jerk-off heal?

I'd suggest a circle that could fit four infantry in it.

This AoE doesn't seem very practical, does it?

1. Ouch.

2. Shut up.

3. Well if it's possible to borrow and modify the rocket soldier's lock-on codey goodness then during the 4 second charge any 3-4 infantry's upto 1.5 metres in front of the engineer could be dealt this AoE heal.

That seems way too technical now, don't you think?

Fine! Okay then nancy-drew! Then just have a large green shaped circle which will only heal the 4 most injured infantry's instead.

Why are you even suggesting this?

It's always looked odd to ghostbuster heal infantry with the primary fire of the repair gun, an AoE heal that could heal 3-4 infantry at a time for 15%/25% of that infantry's health seems more practical.

Why just 15%? Isn't that a little low?

I've seen how many repair folk we sometimes have at a time and we wouldn't want invincible infantry now would we? Plus, its 15% health and 15% armour too so, go-figure.

And what if there are loads of engineers?

Let me think, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, it would take 6 engineers to keep at least 3-4 infantry alive that little bit longer which is still more effective than trying to ghostbuster their zig-zaggy behaviour.

That's still pretty effective?

Of course it's effective, but at least it's not over-heal like the current system of get shot, run behind a corner, stand still for 10-25 seconds, go back out, repeat.

Plus! 30 second recharge.

What about that sidearm repair gun?

That weak little multi-potate spud-gun? That can stay as it is. Whether or not it still gets to heal infantry after this is up to you.

Engineer is now the medic as well?

What do you mean by "now"? It already is! May as well make it more effective, official and lets not forget more practical.

Oh yeah and at least this coincides with the C&C universe's take on healing infantry.

So when are you going to work on this?

Hah hah! Good one. But no seriously, I can't actually, I mean... I could but we all know what happens when I try to change settings in games, plus I don't think it's as easy as changing game settings in Rocket League or GTAV so maybe this is a task for someone who actually knows what they're doing and/or what to do.

So yeah.


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