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Friendly Fire


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This may be UDK related. It happens a hellova lot on SMNC, showing sometimes you killed someone with a weapon not even available to your class, or killed someone on your team. The game somehow thought you were the causer of damage to a teammate, no clue how it could happen in that situation, unless you were in contact with them when they stepped off an edge resulting in fall damage, and then died from another fall or tiberium or self-inflicted damage later. Since it checks first for last enemy that damaged, then last entity altogether, and UDK within reason will check for deaths related to fall damage that were caused by combat with an entity, sometimes it will award undeserving kills.

Most frequent way to replicate in Ren-X, is probably goofing off in an empty server with friends, by one planting AT mines and driving a friendly buggy atop of it, and having the friend on the enemy team enter the buggy, causing the car to launch up in the air, which may at times even trigger him killing teammates with the buggy or AT Mine explosion.

More of a fluke, or a mislabeled UI alert, than a bug.

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