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'New' Field bugs


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Beacon can be placed in rock

Just noticed this yesterday. I was at the barracks within seconds of a beacon being placed and there was also one at the ref. Since I could find that one I removed it... The BAR beacon had 6 or 7 people near it, but we couldn't find it. Only from one angle I could see that it was inside the rock...

Looks like a new bug to me.

Getting stuck near Nod turret

I also had issues walking to the turret (not the closest to the HON) cause I got stuck behind 'things' delaying my walk to it so I got shot. Sometimes this happened, sometimes not. I believe the tree was one these objects.

Getting stuck right corner Nod tunnel

Ok, this one is a bit harder to describe. If you move from the GDI AGT to the Nod Ref you can hide in the far corners of the tunnel exit to stay out of sight and for example hit enemies when there. But once you are in this corner it's almost impossible to get out. One person had to suicide cause he was stuck all the way. I can create a screenshot of the location if you want, but not right now...

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