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Artillery damage


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I'd actually agree with tanks needing more splash damage. It takes forever to kill an infantry unit with most tanks. With sprint and the small aoe damage they currently possess, sneaking up beside a tank and taking its attention off of other tanks is really quite too easy if you ask me

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Remember, this game is based off a rts. So expect some rts logic within the game.

This game is based off of a FPS RTS game that is based off of an RTS series, actually. And that FPS RTS had higher splash damage (albeit too high on certain tanks) against infantry than this one has...and it didn't have the sprint function.

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It's no use comparing the Renegade X artillery to the Renegade one, considering how OP it was in vanilla renegade

Arty alone wasn't OP in original Renegade. It was the tech + arty combo. Glass cannon unit that had constant fast heals was the OP part. I'm talking tank splash damage in general though; not specifically the arty.

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