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So what witchcraft has Agent been up to lately?


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(Mostly Finished) Work on replacement site & forum; doing more test conversions and waiting on launcher to handle downloads.


Known issues:

* Leaderboard search & profiles inaccessible

* Errors on some pages due to a bug with IPS4's converters. The converter has been fixed, and will work correctly on the final conversion.


* Cleanup Downloads page more

* (Later) Login script for external applications

* (Later) Session verification script

When it will be used:

We're presently working on the launcher so that it can download and install the entire game client. This means what you actually download from the website will be an installer for the launcher, which is a much smaller download and does not require a large number of mirrors. Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong, that site will go live sometime after the upcoming launcher update has been finished, tested, and released.

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