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Poblem with the mutator: Scope in-scope out


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Hello guys,

I know I climb on your nerves sometimes, but I really need some help/advice from you with solving this problem. ;)

I am currentlly trying to make random sniper changes (mutator) and now I am stuck with this problem over 2 days:

Even throught I don't change anything in Rx_weapon_SniperRifle or Rx_weapon_RamjetRifle, then I simply rename it for mutator purpose, compiled it (0 errors, 0 warning), but then when I launched the game and bought a Ramjet/sniper, He simply won't scope in...

It makes scope sounds only. There is only one chance to scope in, and it's like 0.2s when I change my weapons, but then I am unable to scope out.

I really did not changed anything in the code!! :D

Please help

Thank you

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If you have a mutator problem pls share your code so people can look at it. Don't expect the limited amount of coders to spend their time on guessing what type of code and what type of errors you might have done. That it compiled with 0 errors doesent mean anything in regards to if it will function as expected.

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Don't know :/ I am stuck. And the same files from previous SDK are not compatible with the newer game versions anymore. I only remember that it worked before 5.14.

Maybe it has something to do with the:

"Begin Object Class=SkeletalMeshComponent Name=PickupMesh Archetype=SkeletalMeshComponent'Renx_Game.Default__Rx_Weapon_Scoped:PickupMesh


Begin Object Class=UDKSkeletalMeshComponent Name=FirstPersonMesh Archetype=UDKSkeletalMeshComponent'Renx_Game.Default__Rx_Weapon_Scoped:FirstPersonMesh'

It used to work before the patch, but now when I am trying compile the same file, it asks me to not specify the the class (error).

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