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I would like to formally thank the team behind Renegade-X for their hard work and commitment on this project.

I have been reading lately about how people are disappointed that Ren-X cannot be on Steam and thus it cannot prosper as it was expected to. And sometimes this discontentment is pointed at the Ren-X team due to some ridiculous reasons, such as not fixing major game flaws and all. However, we need to consider the fact that these developers built this game on their free time, most as college students. And their hard work did actually produce a great game. From scratch to a fully playable and enjoyable game, that's uncommon these days due to the great sophistication behind modern game development. I have been a victim to having dead mod projects due to lack of skills in game development and team management. But these guys not only worked hard to build the skills to create such a beautiful game, but also maintained a dedicated team that actually finished the project. That's a real talent!

Renegade-X developers, you have done a great job! Thank you for resurrecting our favorite childhood game and making us enjoy it once more. I hope that you have learned a lot from developing this game and that all of you can carry on these skills to your next successful project.

Thank you again, y'all rock!

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Agreed and think the same ^^ except we shouldnt make a big deal of parts of Renx that need to be fix ..if possible..if there fixed ..nice..by who ever.. its nice also .Never the less these has to be pointing without hard talk to be noticed and potentionaly fixed.So easy on the Devs they are voulunters and i want to keep them :P

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