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Anyone from Xphaze?


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I think they died shortly after their founder got caught cheating, in like ~2008

Yeah, I was there for that. The clan ended up splitting in half, I forgot what the new clan was called, I was with them for a little bit before everyone joined back up together. But yeah, that was pretty much the start of the clan's slow death.

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Xphaze doesn't play Ren-X. I still have contact with MorDos and l00mpa. KronicNXC did play Ren-X for awhile but I don't think he still does. A majority of everyone else moved on to this thing called life.

Tried it, graphics weren't that good and it's all P2W.

LMAO! Well if you're interested, l00mpa has an account on our website http://www.ttp-gaming.net

You can find him there. I can also hit up Kronic. Hell you might even see some old names from Ren too.

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