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"Speed upgrade" crate should be "Character upgrade"


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Nah, that would look like veterancy, which is completely different game mechanic that was requested few times now.

I mean, your idea would work if there was non-crate way to temporarily (until you get killed) increase your stats and get chevrons.

That could be mutator one day, but I don't think devs should be including that in core gameplay.

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Should just make crates give a generous 7.5% upgrade, and limit it by 2. I wouldn't recommend a limit if it weren't possible. Along with "character base speed", simply specify that "if player speed > 115%, player speed = 115%". Anything additional they get, results in no more than 115% speed. Can just limit every character's speed to the maximum as Patch, or can specify for each character a max speed so Gunner can be 115% but patch can be 130% and LCG can be 105%.

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