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Kanes Nod Ring any ideas on where to buy it?


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Well, I have searched for this ring and the only one I could find was from a russian site but they stopped making them back in 2008.

I'm wandering if anyone out there would know of a site or place that I can order myself the ring.

One looking like this: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2730/449 ... 351b8c.jpg

The only site I fount was a custom ring maker but something tells me it will be rather expensive.

Any help would be amazing!

Thanks guys & girls. :D

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Sorry for the late reply!

Nice find, I have not had any luck on ebay haha.

Looks rather nice tho the red looks abit off. I am going to send of pictures and sizes to this company and see what they will price it at and I will let you know.

Seems I will need a custom ring as I doubt this was mass produced.

Anyway thanks for the help Error :)

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Well, I finally tracked it down to some NODSOLDIERGIRL.

She posted a picture of the exact ring I was looking for;

http://nodsoldiergirl.deviantart.com/ar ... -137187464

Tho it seems to be the last of it's make...

At least I know now that I need to custom make it haha! Shame really as this ring is actually rather nice. But most likely is going to be expensive.

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