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Flame Tank - Flame Range


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They're fast as meds.

Their armor is heavy.

Their weapon puts out very, very high amounts of base damage...plus a significant DoT.

Speed/armor is needed to make them viable in their role.

Damage, while high, also seems reasonable given their role.

That weapon range is too high though. They have more than enough speed to close with vechs (not to mention infantry), but the range makes one flamer able to dominate 1/2 to 3/4 of a GDI base on some maps.

They shouldn't be able to sit still while fending off attackers, but right now that's pretty much what they do. No evasive tactics needed, just point and laugh.

I suggest a 15% range nerf. That's ~43ft if its range is currently 50ft.

Not much in reality, but should tip the scales back to even, making sense of the damage/speed/armor combo and keeping them honest.

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