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[BETA 5.004] Ren-X gets bit-by-bit overflooded with cheater


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Hi there,

I just want to announce that more and more cheaters are going online in Renegade-X!! Within past few weeks I have spotted and also reported them so recorded Demos. 2 Players were using the Wallhack 1 had the Aimbot ready and used it when he needed it. There might be a 2nd Aimbotter present but I haven't "speced" him longer. Hence, I just spotted an ESP Hack was present.

Do something please!

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You gave absolutely no information in this post. No link to demos, no proof. For all I know, you are just a raging noob who thinks canucck is a cheater.

Tempted to just delete this post since it is useless. Please pm a dev, server owner, or both with the proper information. That way something can actually be investigated and done. This post is is just a omg cheaterz!!! What is anyone supposed to do with this?

Do something please? You do something and post actual information.

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What Bananas said. Server name (ConstructiveTyranny?), time, username (don't post in public but be ready to provide when asked), and putting all that in a PM to the server owner (Goku=EKT DoctorB0ng=CT Agent=Developer), they would love to collaborate and check the demo if you typed in the udk-console in-game "DemoRec", or if the cheater is in-game you can type into the console "say !showmods" to type into gamechat "!showmods" which automatically shows you all online moderators for the server. One may even see your use of command and you can chat directly with them, the person in server doesn't even need to know.

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