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Renegade X


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Hello, thanks for reading this topic, either way have fun and hope this helps the community.

As we all know Renegade X is a high pc demanding game and it needs more players. This is my measly proposal.

How about a much lower graphics on low settings? Or having a 50%, 25%, 10% decrease in the graphics. I know some games did it, and it may look like crap, but if it can get me a decent fps increase then it will help a lot. Also most of the players out there have crappy (potato) pc. We will not get much of a players if the game demands much. Also I tested it on 20 of my friends. I told them to download this game with their current pc, 15 of them have those crappy pc, so they turned the settings to the maximum lowest settings as possible, but it did not even increase their fps a bit. So in order to have a decent fps we needed to turn the game resolution, but what happened is we cannot even see anyone 200 m away from us, eventually they left the game for good, their reason to me was it was fun and challenging but too demanding, unlike most games. The other 5 with a medium rig, which can play most games out there on medium to high settings struggle on this game. That is why the devs, if possible can create a 50%, 25%, 10% decrease in graphics settings or maybe making the environment cartoony on low settings and increase the fps on people wanting to play the game. This is a free game and it have so many potential and it is fun, but it needs powerful machines just to enjoy it then most if not all the current players will leave it. People don't want to spend money on a game though. Hope this sh!t be read by the devs and maybe make it possible ^^.

That is all. I wish you guys luck and have fun in the battlefield.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I dunno... I was able to hold 30-40fps on my laptop when it was in power-save mode...

The UDK/Unreal3 engine in general is designed to run on crap PCs. Try looking around for the tutorials on editing ini files to push your settings even lower.

Also, some hardware types (mosty on the AMD/ATI side) are just plain baaaaahd with the UDK. Nothing we can do to change that afaik, since we don't have access to the source.

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