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The Great Optimization Thread


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I know there's some documentation on the UDK engine, but there are also some specific things that I can't seem to find info on, and some things might apply to RenX only. So I decided to make a topic where anyone can ask questions, and hopefully those questions can be answered by other people :)

I'll start off with my current problem:

At the moment I'm trying to reduce the filesize of a map I'm making (Or better: Stripping down an existing map and making it into a sniper map), And I was wondering what settings I can tweak.

I removed the bases and the meshes in those bases, which got the filesize from 200MB to about 100MB

Then I removed a lot more meshes and lights, removed unused landscape components, this made a difference of about 15MB.

I've lowered the Static Lighting Resolution from 6 down to 1, but it didn't really change a lot to the filesize..

I can't really remove any more meshes, so I was wondering if there's other things I can do to reduce the filesize, things like: Postprocessing effects, volumes, LOD's, change something about the lights' settings.

Feel free to ask questions of your own here.

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Lower the light map resolutions to 32 (acceptable).

Default is 64.

Or even lower it further to 16 or 8, you will get crappy shadows but a small file size.

Shadow maps make an impact on the file size believe me, first time on my map building lights (non-optimised) it was ~700MB, did some magic after some help from Kenz, got it reduced to 250MB instantly, only with reducing lightmapresolution's.

Removing meshes is always good, it prevents something from dropping a shadow. I believe you can also adjust the vehicle and character lightmapresolution (shadow quality) in the world properties.. correct me if I'm wrong here. Not completely sure if dynamic shadows have an impact on filesize thou

Removing shadows from background assets also works really good. (I have some 2D texture background trees which drop shadow by default, I disabled this and saved 50MB!!)

Be sure to check the sky dome not to accept dynamic decals / shadows / dynamic lighting (unless you have a thunderstorm in your map, then you would like to enable it)

Can't think of much more now.. good luck!

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