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C&C Battle Grounds


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Command & Conquer Battle Grounds is an RTS game for Unreal Engine 4 set after the events of Command & Conquer Red Alert and before the events of Command & Conquer.

It is 1982, 19 years after the attempted liberation of Russia in 1961 which ended in 1963 in result that the Allies now occupy all of Russia's land mass.

1982 January 19th World War IV: Egypt has fallen into chaos with the invasion of the Scavengers, Russia is also, and bombings have begun all over the world.

Are you ready commander?

However this project is not set after Command & Conquer Red Alert II as it is that Yuri is from the future and his timetravel in the tiberium games hasn't happened yet at the time Command & Conquer Battle Grounds takes place in.

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Is there more info? I don't remember Yuri having any relation to the Tiberium games

Well Yuri would have had relation with Tiberium series if Westwood would have made their own C&C 3 called Command & Conquer: Tiberian Incursion.

From C&C wiki from article Command & Conquer: Tiberian Incursion :

"...During the fighting GDI inadvertently activated technology from Command & Conquer: Red Alert in one of the vaults, including a Chronosphere. A chrono vortex threw Yuri back in time. Yuri was the result of Nod's psychic experimentations and an acolyte of Kane... "

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