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Power down crate


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A friend just mentioned that you had a 'Power shutdown' crate in the old Renegade. It would be cool (and I guess not too hard to create) if this is implemented in the game. Could also help on stalemate levels like field.

Anyone second thoughts about this?

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That just makes Renegade even more RNG based and less coordination based. The power down crate was also not originally I'm Renegade, it was added later.

True, but the fact is that coördination is difficult sometimes cause players do not want to play together. In these cases (and after a certain amount of time) such a crate would be welcome!

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What if certain crates were only possible to obtain after a certain amount of time? Because i do agree with epicelite here, the game sometimes needs an extra stimulant to prevent excessive stalemates. If such crates were introduced after 30-60 minutes, they could have a positive effect on the game. Same goes with spy crates and stuff.

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