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Hey dudes ,

im a modder in this forum but also an horrible rx gamer xD

in the most games my death counter is much higher then my kill counter.. some dudes would call this a feeder :PxD

my problem is that im pretty handy with common shooters but renx is much different from them.

I think one of the reasons is that im not sure how to play the different charakters at gdi or nod.

so i wanted to ask you dudes if someone could make an youtube season just to show the units and explain in about 10 min how to use them.. whats are cons and pros.. and some tactics. that could be veeeery helpfull :D

if someone want he can write me some tipps here aswell :)

thx dudes!

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Literally first videos when I google'd "Renegade X guide":

Also K/D doesn't mean shit in this game

I usually manage to top or get in top 5 on scoreboard with K/D ratio of about 0.1-0.2

This game rewards teamplay and reflects that in your score.

Capturing silos, destroying enemy harvesters, and many times sacrificing yourself, all that is way more important than K/D ratio.

My view of this is that "I am unit in RTS game, therefore I am expendable"

Only units in C&C games that I ever tried to protect were top-veterancy ones, but this game does not have veterancy implemented.

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