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[Mutator] Sprint Animation Revert Fix


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Mutator to put sprint animation back to the way they were in Beta 4 until all things regarding them can be worked out.

Servers also need to remove speed crates from the probability list.


.u file and source included.

add RenX_B5SprintBugFix.Rx_SprintFix to the end of the server.

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  • Totem Arts Staff
Updated. SBHs should be un-broken now.

Excellent. How did you do it?

Had extended the Pawn that was fixed for sprint already and that may have accidentally overridden some of the values that were suppposed to be replicated for the SBH pawn... namely the stealthed value.

Just did what I did for ADAD and extended the actual Rx_Pawn_SBH, then included the reversion fix in that things code so nothing else was messed with.

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