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Ren-X needs Deathmatch and CTF game modes


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There is a reason that CNC-Deck map (the unofficial 13th map) was in the game which was converted from a remade UT99 map for UT3, but the problem with the AI and the starting of a random character (Engineers should be excluded because they have no good weapons) in that map still need some work.

But I think with the UDK, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag would be great additions to Renegade-X. What do you think?

Now I wonder what Ren-X look like if the CTF-Face map was in the game. :D

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I think just translating Renegade so plainly to UT maps is a very boring way to do things. The character battle are pretty dumb if there's not an ounce of money, economy, etc...

I get that it was done just for kicks but, I think it should be more interesting than that if anyone wants to play that.

There were infantry-only maps for deathmatch in the old Renegade but I recall actually buying my characters. Couple that with limited credits and it sounds more fun already.

Same with CTF. Shouldn't it lean more towards a vehicle CTF? No defenses, no destructible buildings, but you can get infantry-vehicles and have to play the CTF game. That sounds interesting to me.

Thats just me. I've played too many games with "plain" gametypes. It stopped being interesting about 10 years ago. But even TDM and CTF doesn't have to feel plain.

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