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Hey ho community!

I wondered whether the forum in general, the homepage will be made what ?. I wanted either a site for Germany make. Now I am unsure what else is happening here? There should be no call! Just looking after asked.

I just wanted the homepage Presentieren so early beta version. Since I'm doing all this as a hobby standard and not all can I think that it has become quite well.

The whole runs on nodePush server and each message is displayed in real time or get a message

currently in German but English is attending

apologize for my bad English and hope you get the point what I have written :cool:

comments welcome

Time few screenshots







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Last thing you would want to do is split a small community like this into 2 even smaller ones. Yes there are many German players and yes, some of them might not speak English very well, but catering to those allone will reduce the activity here too giving the impression the community is dieing out.

Visual update could be done, but I dont think it's needed. I like the background, the color scheme etc. It's familiar

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it's a moot point Not everyone likes the design or the forum;)

I know that the community is small, which I'm trying to change.

I'm just trying multiplayer for this game to inspire.

What I here I miss is e.g.

You can see what in the last 24 hours from is gone or it's all a little more interactive. be it with nodePush that you will get a message in the live browser if what has come new ect.

Sure, you can improve a lot;)

It was just a suggestion.

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