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Tiberian Sun Vehicles Upgrade


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I think a much better way to implant the new Tiberian Sun vehicles is to have the Repair Bay back from Command and Conquer. Example: To get the Titan, you will have to buy the mammoth and drive it over the repair bay, if your mammoth health is full and you have 1500k you can upgrade it to a Titan but if you do not the Repair Bay will repair your vehicle restoring health every second but it will cost a fraction of 75% of the price it cost to buy the vehicle per second. This is also great for repair your vehicle fast to get back into the fight but you can enter your vehicle until it is repaired and will be forced to exit the vehicle when repairs start.

The Repair Bay will heal 100% of your health but will not endlessly continue to heal your health of your vehicle instead it will restore 1% of your vehicle's health for 100 seconds( ingame time ) and you will be forced out of the vehicle until the 100 seconds ( ingame time ) are over.

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