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TS units and viscroid Mutators plz?


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So its really strange that still tiberium kill wont turn infantry to viscroid, since it was featured in Reneged.

Also we have some lovely TS units ingame to love.

So can anyone please make 2 mutators?

1. Replace TS vehicles with some other ones to make them available for both player and AI or simply add them to list of purchasable vehicles

2. a mutator that give all tiberium deaths Viscroid spawn effect, both the tiberium fields and weapons.

Thanks alot in advance

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  • Totem Arts Staff

To the Visceroid thing, that'd be more than a mutator, since there's nothing for visceroids model/sound/ anything-else-wise.

The TS units being buildable would probably also go better in a map. If they were buildable they'd have to be expensive as hell, cuz even the Buggy is good against buildings

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The effect was in Renegade, but the odds of a neutral/player visceroid enemy being spawned were only in patched servers, not vanilla ones.

Still think, as a 1/10 chance of happening from a tiberium field poisoning would be cool. As yosh said, it would just take more than a mutator. It would have to be a client side patch at least.

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i see... then for viscroids we have to wait until its added to the main game by developers instead of a mutator,

but about TS units well i prefer more balanced IF needed and buildable instead of a random popup, SPECIALLY that AI can use those vehicles already!

but for balancing them u can either make them expensive OR make their build number limited!

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