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city flying?


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Yeah, I was working on an unofficial one, and I don't know about an official one. I am waiting on the same thing "CarnageClubXtreme" is, materials and static mesh type assets. I am not entirely good at making them. What I have done, is made most the map out of CSG, what with the buildings and all.

It is still work in progress. I just recently started "throwing whatever texture and mesh I could find into it to replace blue-white checkered", just for placeholder that might be demo-able. Perhaps the devs might also, but I haven't heard one way or another.

Also, the reason it hasn't been done sooner, is that previous devs have tried and it never did work itself out. They call it the "cursed map" for that reason. But I agree, any form of it would be real fun to have in-game.

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Because Bro hasn't included the links :

The proof that kenz3001 has declared it as 'cursed' :

wait what am i doing ? ... i never said im not working on stuff officially only thing im showing right now is an unofficial map (a map that will not be in the base game)

city is a cursed map ... and as it is so cursed we had to get a "few Spiritual Cleaners" in to remove the curse but its been hard work as the curse in on the interwebs and moves around all the time ... we got 10% of the curse removed and are working on removing the other 90% you never know it may turn out to be a good thing its been cursed all this time

on a side note im on my way to making a good day night cycle but with any day night system the FPS will take a hit

found in :


BroTranquilty's progress :


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