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My respect and the ultimate question!


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First of all thanks alot for this amazing game and all the time and energy u did put on it! the recent update about TS era really surprised me! i mean its like ur touching my dream! for me TS era is far superior to CNC era! i mean the ideas in TS era are just master piece! the dark atmosphere... the creepy cyborgs of nod and Mighty Mech walkers of GDI!

So guys whats ur future plan about Tiberium sun era??

A) make a new Tiberium sun version too?

B) add tiberium sun era to Renegade X?

C) simply just add only couple of extra features like this to renegade X??

man i so wish u do either option A or B :/

Thanks in Advance and good luck!

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I think having the Tiberian Sun era in Renegade or a complete version will bring in a lot more players. Ive seen the excitement from others already and I noticed the servers had a lot more players at a time it was always empty for me.

I could only imagine how exciting it would be to play the classic Tiberian Sun maps in the Renegade X engine.

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