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Hi! New player to a seemingly dead forum?


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Seems pretty sparse? :confused:

Did I pick the wrong time to start up or is there just not much talk on the forums because everyone's playing? Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right forums?

Either way, is there a "Getting Started" guide of some sort anywhere? I see a stickied thread called "The Basics" or something or other but the video from 2006 doesn't show up...

I loved the hell out of the first game


Never letting go of this :D

Anyway, looking to get started probably this weekend, downloading tonight. Any help appreciated!

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There was a video tutorial of sorts iirc, but really the best way is to play ingame. There is also a singleplayer with bots, the bots are actually decent filler, just make it 8v8 and kill their ref early, and you can spend time looking at the subtle changes/improvements this game offers.

Right now a new update came out today, so there are like 3 servers full of people, 120 on. Always striving to improve that number, and it just came out so it should get bigger as word gets out to older players. It really was a fairly fun update.

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