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Back to RenX , how to patch using SDK version.


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Then had to download it is , no problem.

I understand what SDK is and i am a CTO of a small company.

But SDK will need its own patching system i suggest a Mercurial or Github Repository .

I can build and host one if you guys interest. That way , SDK can be updated with single "git pull && git checkout, and then run"" that way everyone can become a contributor .

Right now SDK has to be re-packed every new released , if you guys want to make this a proper Opensource game let me know , i can help.

here is my github : https://github.com/v3ss0n/

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Github is very nice and reliable. There is already an open source for this game somewhere iirc, the devs maintain the source but host your own copy and you can technically fork it.

Anyway, this is the first build that was "uncooked", which is why the initial download was so big. But the perks are definitely better, being able to patch by individual files making patches smaller downloads, and being more readily able to map make and mutate.

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You will need Paid github for > 1GB.

I can build a custom git repo , for just 10-15$/month hosting fee .

That is why I think the devs maintain it on-site somewhere. They can do it manually for a site fee they already have to pay, without having to pay additional costs, since they aren't getting anything for this game y'know.

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