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UDK (First Time)


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So I have the UDK and Ren X When I attempt to open UDK in 64bit or 32bit folder it just boots game.

Also the UDK is in a completely different directory and i'm opening IT'S binary not Ren Xs

Isn't it suppose to boot as its own thing just like Skyrim's Creation Kit?

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Look at kenz3001's YouTube videos on making of a renx map. It is best to run udk from renx sdk from 32b binary using a batch file you can make in notepad. It basically opens via command prompt and specifies opening in development mode. All covered in kenz3001's first video, the one after the volcano and Canyon map mind you, the current one with 55 videos long.

Also note, udk is a lot more like blender or Maya or 3dmax, a 3d model program, than a game creation kit. Still, there is plenty of documentation for udk on the Internet.

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To open the SDK via file you need to creat a shortcut, right click the file, go properties and type after the "Target" editor.

It would en something like: "C:\Renegade X SDK\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe" editor (Don't forget the space between the directory and "editor".

I think is easier just making the shortcut than making a batch file, etc. :P

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  • Totem Arts Staff

OR you can just make a shortcut of the binary executable file (UDK.exe), go to properties, and add 'editor -log' on the target box. No quotes, no stripes before editor. It'll log your editor in command prompt and run the editor. remove '-log' if you just wanna run the editor

Edit : Nero beat me. But it's Target, not Destination. Either way, it's the topmost box

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