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Renegade X... in Indonesian (Partly)


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Okay, so I've experimented with Localization (broke my game after premature exit) and here's what I get from the result






So far I only managed to change the weapon name, the class name, and vehicle name, and also the vehicle bound and mystery pickup

Building localization is there, but refused to be implemented for some reason. The messages are not localized except for buildings

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Some things are currently hard-coded in and, consequently, don't support localization. When I get time, I'll look into changing some of them.

Edit: If you want to build a list of things that can't currently be localized, that would be handy for later.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

TURNS OUT this whole thing is rather teamhampering atm. The guys outside can hear your team messages with an item name (e.g. : Destroy it Now, ) using your local message. sxchmn heard my 'Get in the vehicle, Medium Tank' as 'Get in the vehicle, Tank Sedang'

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