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The Just For Fun series

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  • Totem Arts Staff

These map (ideas) are meant to be just for fun. While the map will be kept as balanced as possible, there will be chances that there would be imbalance. One thing in common is that it will deviate from the normal competitive CNC maps

Links will be updated as necessary. As usual, Coastal comes first in the priority

1. CNC-JFF-RocketHill (WIP)

Every man gets a Rocket and Missile Launcher in addition to their default inventory. Only spend the money for more health, cosmetic looks, and price. Try not to buy Gunner or Rocket Soldier unless you feel like it.

Map will be divided to one tunnel, one hill, and one map extension for Silo and infantry haven. There will be AGT and Obi, but PP can be hit from tunnels

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6yEH_ ... sp=sharing

Basically a Gunner/RS rush map. Everyone gets Rocket and Missile launchers. Good for practicing Gunner Rushes

Known bug, there will be kismet warnings when someone dies, because it keeps trying to give a dead pawn an inventory

2. CNC-JFF-Camouflage

As the map suggests, the map will be filled with bushes for hiding. You can only rely on your magic recticles

3. CNC-JFF-FindTheBase

A map filled with fake structures to hide in and hide your entire base. Find where the true buildings really are in the sea of fake buildings

4. CNC-JFF-BaseToBase

Neighboring bases, free to B2B attack each others. Beware the constant siege. Nowhere is safe

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